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Breakfast by the Ocean - Royal Kona Resort

Posted: 06/24/12

Breakfast by the Ocean - Royal Kona Resort

Restaurant: Dan_the_Beachcomber Hawaii

Nelson @ Big Island: The resort we stayed at had a nice restaurant right on the ocean that we wanted to take advantage of. That plus they gifted us a bottle of champagne.

In Hawaii it is common to find Japanese style breakfast, which includes miso soup and rice, etc. I had some miso soup for the novelty of it. They had regular breakfast items like bacon, eggs (very buttery good), breakfast burrito (beside the soup), pastries, potatoes. Some of the more unique items include fresh papaya, Portuguese Sausage (a tad dry) and fresh pineapple. The pineapple was incredibly sweet, practically tasting like candy. The reputation of Hawaii's pineapple I suppose is true.

More unique items include a fruit compote and apple crepes. I found the compote way too sweet almost inedible. The danish was guava flavoured and tasted surprisingly good and different. Guava has a surprisingly strong fresh distinct flavour.

Kitty had some fun making a mimosa with our champagne, which I have to admit was enjoyable to drink. Other than fighting off the birds for our food, a very relaxing and enjoyable breakfast and start to our honeymoon.

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