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Quinn's Almost By the Sea - Start of Honeymoon!

Posted: 06/22/12

Quinn's Almost By the Sea - Start of Honeymoon!

Restaurant: Hawaii Quinns

Nelson @ Big Island: After getting off the commuter flight from Maui to arrive in Big Island, we went searching for a place to eat late at night. After walking/driving by a few places we finally settled on this place because they look like they were going to be open for a while.

Kitty had the fish tacos, 3 grilled corn tortillas with seasoned fish, lettuce, tomato, avocado and topped with sour cream salsa. These were ok, very large making them difficult to eat. Lot's of fresh ingredients, but just missing a little something to make them special.

I had the fish and chips, specifically the Ono Fish. Quinn's famous beer battered fish cooked until golden brown and served with home made tartar sauce. The fish was extremely flaky and firm as you can see in the last photo. Also they had malt vinegar, which I liked. Fries weren't that good though, unfortunately as this could have been a really good dish.

They messed up the original order, but brought out a side of the pineapple slaw. A little disappointing because we couldn't taste the pinapple.

Ok bar food here. I like the fresh fish in Hawaii, so a decent start to our honeymoon.

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