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Apache Burger

Posted: 06/20/12

Apache Burger

Restaurant: Apache_Burger Toronto

Nelson @ Etobicoke: This is a classic late-night burger joint that has been around forever. Appropriately their food tastes just as old. We came here because it was really late and we were hungry. The hamburger ($4.43) is pretty basic with a large bun and simple toppings. Absolutely nothing special about it and while that may have cut it in 1969, it just isn't good enough for 2012. The side of home made onion rings are better though, heavily battered and extremely oily. Good on the first bite, gross afterwards.

Although Apache Burger is somewhat of an Etobicoke institution, their food execution is straight from the sixties...and that is no complement.

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  • Wow you are pretty harsh. At the time, I thought it was delicious haha at 4am
    Kitty @ 2012-06-20
  • I never understood why Apache Burger consistently makes the "top burger joint" lists. I agree whole-heartedly with this review.
    Jen @ 2012-07-21

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