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Burger Week in Toronto

Posted: 07/11/12

Burger Week in Toronto

Restaurant: Burger_Brats Grindhouse_Burger_Bar Toronto

dre in Toronto: Arriving back, I really wanted to eat another epic burger after experiencing Kuma's Corner's burger. I decided to make a giant burger at home, but I didn't have any of the cool toppings. The giant hunk of meat was pretty epic enough and I put in random spices (whatever was in my spice drawer) and the burger was pretty juicy and tasty.

Coincidentally, The Grid TO was featuring Burger Week. Eighteen burger places featured one burger for $5, so I decided to try one of the places while I was working downtown. I chose Burger Brats, which is the closest featured place to my office.

The Burger Brats burger had bacon, smokey BBQ ranch sauce, topped with 2 crispy onion rings. The burger was pretty small, and the sauce was really salty. The bun was really large for the burger. I didn't like it that much.

Burger Brats on Urbanspoon

On the same day, a couple hours later, a coworker wanted to eat a burger, so I got to the try the other place close to the office! :) Two burgers in one day!

At the Grindhouse Burger Bar, La Vacas Locas was featured - sour cream, chili, seasoned kidney bean salsa, hot peppers, and avocado on a cornbread bun. It took a really long time for them to make, and my coworker and I were going to be late for a meeting. I offered to stay and run back to the office, as my presentation was 15 minutes after his.

When I got back to my desk and took a bite from the small burger, to my dismay, the meat wasn't completely well done. I'm not a fan of not well done burgers, so I had to wait until the end of my meeting to go microwave the burger. I couldn't really taste the cornbreadness of the bun. I did enjoy all the toppings that it came with, although I did ask for no sour cream. Oh well.

Grindhouse Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Both burgers were good, but I wouldn't necessarily crave going to these places for a burger. I'm sure at regular price, it won't seem as worth it.


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