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Ruby Tuesdays's

Posted: 06/18/12

Ruby Tuesdays's

Restaurant: Orlando Ruby_Tuesdays

Nelson @ MCO: Airport food is expensive, but since the company is paying and I had a bit of time before my flight I sat down at Ruby Tuesday's. After a very stressful week I just felt like something simple and comforting, so I ordered a burger. I had the triple prime bacon cheddar burger with aged New York cheddar and applewood smoked bacon. Topped with fresh leaf lettuce, seasonal vine-ripened tomatoes and Ruby's mayonnaise ($11.99). I subbed in some sweet potoato fries which were quite tasty. The burger itself tasted fresh and gooey from the cheese. Not spectacular, but very solid.

And of course I had to get a drink since they are pretty good here. I had a pineapple lemonade with chunks of pineapple inside. Quite good and free refills too! I think Ruby Tuesday's is a decent chain restaurant, too bad only available in the States.

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