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CN Tower Seafood Platter

Posted: 06/08/12

CN Tower Seafood Platter

Restaurant: 360_Restaurant

Nelson @ CN Tower: I know it's a cliche place to go, but we heard that their seafood platter was good here, so I brought Kitty here for her birthday. Yes, it is impressive. Three heaping tiers of seafood waiting to be devoured described as a chilled three tiered platter of fresh Canadian seafood with a 1.5 lb lobster, 1 dozen Malpeque oysters, 1 dozen shrimp, bay scallop, baby shrimp and calamari salad, 2 dozen marinated PEI Mussels, .5 lb of queen crab legs, smoked Atlantic salmon and smoked trout and mackerel. They say it's ideal for 4 as appetizer or main course for two, but it is way too much food for two. And pricey, but luckily I had some gift certificates ;)

First, they serve table bread for all guests. We ordered a refill, but didn't end up needing it. The shrimp were huge and were flavoured with dill and despite not being a big fan of dill it worked really well here. The Mackerel was the best smoked fish here and one of my favourites. Just so much smokey flavour to go with the nice firm meat. You can see the (mediocre) potato salad in the background.

The Lox was surprisingly not as salty as the others, so I quite enjoyed it. Everything was a tad on the salty side. Next is the smoked trout, which was decent, but I have had better. It looks really good visually with the large visible pieces of rub. Behind it is the bay scallop salad, which was a bit vinegary and ok.

Oysters were ok, some more shell than I would have expected at such a classy restaurant and quite a few were dried out. I could shuck better myself, which pretty shameful. The mussel on the other hand were really good with a white wine sauce, onions and garlic. You can really taste the white wine and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Last is the lobster and crab. The lobster had a great texture that was very meaty, but the claw was not so good, maybe overcooked a little. It's a little strange eating a cold lobster, and probably not as tasty as a hot one, but it was still enjoyable. Interestingly, the lobster/crab came with a creamy garlic sauce, which I have never had with lobster/crab. We were so stuffed that we had to pack the crab legs.

It must be mentioned that the view is incredible from here and the fact that it rotates is nice even though it made me slightly dizzy. Overall a fun meal, especially since we are both seafood lovers. But way too much food...and we would go for the two level platter next time if it is just the two of us.

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