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Mother's Day at Regal Palace

Posted: 06/15/12

Mother's Day at Regal Palace

Restaurant: Regal_Palace Richmond_Hill

dre @ Hwy 7 & Chalmers: For Mother's Day, we went to Regal Palace in Richmond Hill. Because it was a special occasion, the Chinese restaurant had only one menu: You choose 5 dishes for a set price.

We got half a chicken with jellyfish, which is my favourite dish. I think I ate half of this dish.

There was some baby bok choy with minced pork on top.

Sweet and sour pork is a favourite "kid's" dish. I am not a big fan of this dish because I know it's bad for you, but I'll still eat it. I would not order it for myself though.

We also ordered pork with beans and the last dish is a (blurry) beef cubes with broccoli.

All in all, the dishes were pretty tasty, but I found the portions small. The good part was the 20% discount you get if there is a senior sitting at the table. Good place to bring grandparents.

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