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Akabane Sushi Desserts

Posted: 06/02/12

Akabane Sushi Desserts

Restaurant: Akabane_Sushi Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy7 & Bayview: What can be so good about this place? Deep fried ice cream. No not the ice cream where they put some deep fried Tempura batter on top of a scoop and call it deep fried ice cream. No, this is a ball of ice cream covered in batter and deep fried. Yet the inside is still cool and solid, while the outside is nice and crispy. Yeah, didn't know it existed, but it does and it tastes so good!

Also pictured in the red bean ice cream, deep fried banana, green tea ice cream, mango and chocolate pudding (also pretty good).

The last shot is of insides of the deep fried ice cream. Win.

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