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Akabane Sushi

Posted: 05/31/12

Akabane Sushi

Restaurant: Akabane_Sushi Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy 7 & Bayview: Didn't even know there was a restaurant here, but decided to check it out based on Anita's recommendation of their desserts. But first the AYCE Japanese food.

You get a choice of a special item and we picked oysters. Could have been fresher, although they were still edible. Mango Salad and Seaweed salad both pretty good here.

The scallop sushi was creamy. The fried fish cakes were nice and crispy, the takoyaki not very good, but beef wrapped green onions different and tasty. Someone wanted to try their Thai food as well, and their Pad Thai was not very good. Next is tofu with bono flakes, sashimi, some rolls (green dragon and rainbow I think) that are nicely presented, beef with enoki, green curry (meh), Thai spicy soup (too spicy for Kitty), Karage (not very good here with too much batter) and eel sushi pizza (never something I would order myself). I made it sound pretty bad, but actually it was decent for AYCE, definitely not bad. I would go again (and have), but what really makes the meal is the be posted next time!

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