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Harbord House

Posted: 06/01/12

Harbord House

Restaurant: Harbord_House Toronto

dre & Nelson @ Harbord & Brunswick: We went here for dinner with Kevin, Pauline and Loretta. It is located in an old house that looked like it was converted to a restaurant (like many houses in this area).

There was a good variety of beers and some of us got drinks. Nelson: I enjoy wheat beers, but switched it up this time and got the St. ambroise Oatmeal Stout. A hint of oatmeal but more stout than anything with a hint of creaminess, I thought it was good. Kitty had the 416 Urban Wheat beer.

We ordered a Poutine to share - Yukon Gold and sweet potato fries, veal jus, fresh Canadian cheese curds, caramelized onions. I liked how there were both regular and sweet potato fries. I also liked how there wasn't a lot of cheese curds, but I think I was the only one with that enjoyed that. Nelson: I agree with Andrea that the mix of sweet potato fries and regular was a great idea, but the gravy had a weird texture since it seemed like it contained gelatin. Tasty overall and I could have had more cheese curds ;)

Nelson had the Berkshire Pulled Pork Sandwich - pork shoulder slow roasted in spicy barbecue sauce with coleslaw, Yukon Gold frites. The pulled pork had the right amount of moistness and sauce. The pork itself was very tender and flavourful. The coleslaw was only ok, but the fries were really good.

Kitty got something that was on the specials menu, the Lobster Club Sandwich. The lobster had some dill on it which I (Nelson) am not a big fan of, but otherwise the lobster sauce was creamy. You don't usually associate creamy with a club, but this was a decent combo. It helps if the bacon is awesome as it was here. Could have used more crunch from the lettuce though.

Mike also got something from the specials menu, Pork Back Ribs. They were tender and tasty and I liked the sauce.

I had the Chicken Pot Pie - served with organic greens, Waupoos cider vinaigrette. I really liked the puff pastry, but wished that it was a real pie. It didn't have any crust for the bottom. Actually, I noticed that a lot of restaurants do not have real pies and skimp out on the bottom crust. This pot pie was really creamy, which made it really heavy.

A lot of items sounded good on the menu, so I may come back here and try something else!

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