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Caf Lunches

Posted: 05/27/12

Caf Lunches

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ work: Sometimes I eat at work because I was too lazy to make lunch or didn't get a chance to go to the supermarket. There is generally a "dinner" selection, a sandwich and a soup and salads.

Some of the variety includes chicken sandwishes, ham and brie croissant, sloppy joes (very messy to eat at work!), chicken pesto open faced sandwich, butter chicken, Schnitzel, Pork kebabs, Chicken a la king (gross) with biscuit, breaded fish with salad (not very filling), honey garlic chiken leg with squash (squast was sweet and tasty), and one of my favourites - roast pork.

It is subsidized and convenient, nothing too special, but serviceable.


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