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Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Desserts

Posted: 05/23/12

Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Desserts

Restaurant: Brampton Grand_Victorian

Nelson @ Grand Victorian: Rishi has a sweet tooth and as expected, there was plenty of dessert. Starting with the 4 layer wedding cake decorated by elephants. One of the top layers was strawberry shortcake and then chocolate, but we didn't make a dent into the bottom layers to find out what other flavours it contained.

There was a chocolate fountain with a lot items to dip into. This is always fun at weddings as long as you don't get dirty!

The spread of desserts gargantuan, and I only took closer photos of items I thought were interesting. They even had Cannolis! There was also some Indian dessert, but I didn't get a chance to try it.

So much food at Indian weddings, you are guaranteed to be stuffed!


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