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Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Dinner

Posted: 05/21/12

Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Dinner

Restaurant: Brampton Grand_Victorian

Nelson @ Grand Victorian: There were two large buffets with lots and lots of food.

First is the Tawa Subzi (baigan, kerela bhindi). Apparently it is cooked on this large platter as one of the guests was telling me. I'm not a big fan of okra so I avoided it, but I tried a bit of the other items.

Next is something I always see at Indian buffets, but I'm not sure why it's there as it is a little sweet.

Next are some regular Indian items such as Channa Masala, Pilaf Rice, Paneer Bhurji and naan. That's followed by Shahi Paneer (you can see a few paneer pieces floating up to the surface), the always delicious butter chicken, shrimp (strange to see this here, didn't know Indian people eat this).

I tried a bit of everything and became even more stuffed, even though there were so many Vegetarian dishes!


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