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Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Dinner Appetizers

Posted: 05/19/12

Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Dinner Appetizers

Restaurant: Brampton Grand_Victorian

Nelson @ Grand Victorian: Attending an Indian Wedding reception is like eating two dinners. First when you arrive there are the appetizers, followed by the wedding festivities. Then near the end of the night, the Dinner Buffet opens. At Rishi's since he's such a big sweet tooth we were treated to another huge round of desserts at the end.

Upon arriving and chilling in the foyer, servers were making their rounds serving appetizers. I only tried the coconut shrimp, which is ever popular and ever tasty.

Right when entering the main banquet hall, we were presented with a spread of food. Conveniently there were labels as well, so I can tell you what I ate! The first is a large platter of Tawa Chicken Thikka, which was delicious and demolished by the guests so quickly.

Next is "Vegetable khathi kebab" and then "Tandoori Paneer Tikka". On the other side of the table are what appear to be similar dishes, but the labels are different. They were labelled "Veg Kathi Kebab" and "Paneer Thikka". I wonder if this is merely a typo (does khathi=kathi) or if they are truly different.

There was also a table where you can make soem Indian salad/nachos. Sorry I don't know the name of this one and that's what I call it. Someone was kind enough to make it for us, as I would have no clue how to do this myself. You can see the final result it in the last picture.

The chicken was so good, I had plenty!


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