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Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Lunch

Posted: 05/17/12

Rishi & Shelley's Wedding Lunch

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Le Jardin: An Indian wedding is an all day affair and often lunch is provided. This one is a completely vegetarian lunch served buffet style. First, a bunch of Indian appetizers, mostly deep fried foods. I apologize as I can't name them, except for the samosas in the second picture which I enjoyed the most. There were also two sweet dishes right before the main foods and I liked the first one best. Right after the ceremony the main lunch dishes were served starting with the rice and salad, followed by vegetarian curry, chick peas (in a milk based sauce?), potatoes, curry paneer?, rice pudding and naan.

Even though I rarely eat a vegetarian meal, this was really really filling. Hard to resists all the heavy sweets that really bust your gut.

I really really need an education on Indian food!


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