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Fancy Chinese Cuisine

Posted: 05/13/12

Fancy Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant: Fancy_Chinese_Cuisine Markham

Nelson @ 14th & Kennedy: A funny name for the restaurant, but makes sense if you are Chinese.

They start you off with a basic soup that is pretty hearty for a Chinese soup. We ordered a sweet and sour pork (heavily battered, but not too much that it was bad), some Chinese vegetables that had tofu skin. You may think Tofu skin sounds gross, but I really like it as it is similar to tofu but tougher with what I think is a pleasant texture.

Next are some massive prawns in Maggi sauce. Hard to get a sense of scale from this picture, but trust me, they are huge! And Tasty!

Next are some clams in black bean sauce (a good combination), chicken, fried tofu and BBQ Pork on top of vegetables (never had this exact combination before), and green onion and garlic lobster, two kinds of mushrooms on dou miao. Then yet another sweet and sour pork dish, but this time it's with ribs. This next dish is more unique in that there are strips of pork with potato and vegetables. Something a little different and quite good.

The great thing about dessert here is there is a choice from 3 desserts! And all were really good!

Decent Chinese restaurant that I would come back to again.

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  • dessert was WIN. so good! :)
    Mary @ 2012-05-15

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