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Now To Compare Turtle Jack's!

Posted: 05/26/12

Now To Compare Turtle Jack's!

Restaurant: Brampton Turtle_Jacks

dre @ Airport Rd & Cottrelle: A new Turtle Jack's opened up in Brampton - the fancy version, not the sports bar one. We visited it about two weeks after it opened, and it looked like they were still training up servers and hostess. The decor was really nice inside (much better than the unfinished paving job of the plaza's parking lot).

This place is more fancy than its Tee Jay's counterpart, but for the most part, it served the same foods, but slightly pricier. We were happy to see that its dessert menu had all the good items on it that we liked from Tee Jay's (which they removed from that menu).

I used my Blackberry this time to take pictures and it was very dark inside, so hence the bad quality, but I thought this place was still worth blogging about.

Mike got his usual Big Wing sandwich with a Greek salad. The Big Wing sandwich looked really big, but Mike said that when he closed the sandwich up, the chicken patty was very thin and not very meaty.

I got the classic burger, and the patty was also quite small. It was home-made (no frozen patty used), and tasty. I liked the egg bun they used. I also got a garden salad for the side.

As I mentioned before, the best part was dessert! They have a really good apple crumble that Mike loves, and I really like their Skor brownie, but the one thing that we both enjoy is the Fire 'n Ice - vanilla ice cream rolled in a cinnamon crust, fried and drizzled in chocolate and caramel sauces. It's so good! Mike likes the cinnamon, and I like the ice cream, so we made a good team polishing this up!

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