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Tee Jay's Keeps Getting Rebranded

Posted: 05/24/12

Tee Jay's Keeps Getting Rebranded

Restaurant: Brampton TeeJays

dre @ Hurontario & Fisherman Dr: This place used to be called TJ's Old Chicago. Then it became Tee Jay's Sports Kitchen. Now very recently, the Tortoise Restaurant Group (who also owns Turtle Jacks) has rebranded this place and named it Local Eatery and Refuge. I think I will always know it as Tee Jay's, so I'm going to refer to it as Tee Jay's Local Eatery and Refuge. I looked at the menu online and it serves the same food as before.

Anyway, before I comment on the pictures, I'd like to note that these pictures were taken with an iPhone 4S. There was also good lighting at the table, but I am impressed with how it turned out!

We started off with calamari with some garlic aioli dip. The calamrari was tasty, but the batter kept falling off as we picked at it.

Mike got the Pepper Jack Stuffed Cajun Chicken - Fresh bonless breast Cajun rubbed and stuffed full with jalapeno jack cheese and arugula, seared to perfection, topped with fresh guacamole and pico. I tried a small piece of chicken and some guacamole, and thought it was pretty juicy. Mike really enjoyed this dish, and although it was small, it was satisfying to him.

I felt like pasta, and they only had two choices, so I had the Pappardelle Bolognese - Wide egg noodle tossed in our rich house-made meat sauce. I opted for this over the Asiago Chicken Tagliatelle because I wanted the healthier dish of the two choice and I like the fat noodles. Unfortunately, it was pretty small, and the dish wasn't saucy enough. I didn't particularly liked the sauce either. I thought it was a little too sour.

For dessert, we got a red velvet cupcake and a blackout chocolate cupcakes. They were pretty moist, and came straight from the fridge, because they were served cold. The cake part wasn't bad, but the icing was hard mostly because it didn't have time to thaw out.

Over the years, I've found that these prices are getting higher and higher, and there's almost no difference to these prices over their main Turtle Jack's restaurants. The menu is almost the same too, but the atmosphere is pretty casual.

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