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Brunch at The Grille

Posted: 05/22/12

Brunch at The Grille

Restaurant: The_Grille Toronto

dre @ Queensway and 427: We met up with Mike's cousins for brunch at this place called The Grille in Etobicoke. I didn't feel like eating breakfast food, so I decided to get the Basic Burger with coleslaw. I liked how it came with a lot of toppings. The burger itself was all right, and tasted not homemade, but from a batch of frozen patties.

Mike got the Hungry Man breakfast that included 4 eggs, bacon, ham and sausage. There was a double serving of homefries and toast as well. I ate most of his toast. For $3 more, he could have had the Hungry Mofo, which was the Hungry Man meal plus and extra side of pancakes or French Toast!

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