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I love McDonald's Too Much

Posted: 05/20/12

I love McDonald's Too Much

Restaurant: McDonalds

dre: Coupon season gets me every time. McDonald's has totally got me hooked when they release their coupons. Usually, they only come out 2-3 times a year, but I feel like they are releasing a new batch every 2 months. This is going to be bad for my arteries.

The coupons give me a good excuse to get breakfast. My usual is the sausage and egg mcmuffin and i try to make it as healthy as possible by not having cheese and asking for no butter squirted on it. I'm sure the sausage itself is very terrible, but at least i can save a couple of grams of fat. I also try to soak up the hash brown as much as possible. You won't believe how many napkins I go through for this process. It's very oily. Nonetheless, the sandwich is still delicious and their coffee is so wonderful.

Also in the coupon package was a 50% off a new bistro sandwich. I tried the Chicken BLT, which wasn't bad. The chicken tasted real, but nothing really special about the sandwich. I don't think I would buy it at full price though. Actually, I wouldn't get anything that's not on their extra value meal for full price!

The last picture is my second attempt to be healthy at lunch and got a McChicken Sandwich meal. Instead of fries, I got a salad, but the McDonald's location only had Caesar which I dislike. I tried to pick off all the cheese as best I could, but it was gross, and I think I should of just gotten fries.


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