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Posted: 05/09/12


Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Sababa

Nelson @ Yonge & Steeles: We were a large group so we ordered a dip platter to start including the following three plus some falafel.

Hummus with Teheena ($4.75) made with mashed Chick Peas, Sesame Seeds, Lemon Juice and Garlic.

Tzatziki ($5.25) No one makes it as potent as us. Sababa's home made pressed yogurt loaded with garlic and fresh cucumber slivers

Red Pepper Spread ($4.75) Roasted Red Pepper with Eggplant, onion and spices, a little spicy and very tasty.

Didn't like the red pepper spread much, but the other two dips were excellent.

Someone also ordered fried cheese ($5.95), slices of semi-soft, unripened Halloumi Cheese fried in Olive Oil, and this was really good. I've never tasted something like this and I enjoyed it. I'll have to look out for it again.

I had the chicken shawerma sandwich ($6.45) and it was pretty good. Not a lot of chicken, but the taste was there.

Good prices and decent food, I would come back here again.

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