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Edmond & Selina's Wedding Favours

Posted: 05/07/12

Edmond & Selina's Wedding Favours

Restaurant: Toronto

Nelson: After all that, I've saved the best for last. Going along with the carnival theme, the wedding favours were caramel apples, caramel popcorn and pretzel wands...all homemade by the bride and groom!

Normally I hate pretzels, but these pretzel wands were one of the tastiest snacks I've had...ever! It had just the right amount of salt on the pretzel that went with the caramel coating underneath the rich chocolates outside. Everything was in prefect balance and having recently discovered this sweet salty taste combination, this was the best example I have had in my life. Amazing.

The caramel popcorn was good too and Kitty couldn't resist and had to have some on the way home. As we were leaving there were so many leftover that Edmond encouraged us to take more. We ended up with 4 Caramel apples, and having never eaten one in my life I didn't known what to expect.

The bride and groom made several different types, including Chocolate Ferris Wheel, Smarties Carousel, Cornflake Cliffhanger and Kit Kat Kissing Booth. They looked amazing, fun and so appetizing. Then when I tasted them, I had no idea that apple went so well with chocolate and caramel! First, the tartness of the apple contrasts so nicely with the sweetness of the candy. Secondly the crispness of the apple contrasts with the stickiness of the caramel very nicely. The candy on the outside just completes the experience.

I really enjoyed the first one, the Chocolate Ferris Wheel even though it was so simple, but it did have the first time tasting advantage (2nd picture). Unfortunately we got to the Cornflake Cliffhanger last (1st picture) and by that time the cornflakes were a tad stale. But it was still really good. The Smartie and Kit Kat ones were both really good as well with both types of candy going perfectly with the candied apple.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I think Edmond and Selina may have converted me! Great job by these two, amazing wedding that was fun and delicious. Hurray!


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  • Wow! What a fun looking wedding!
    dre @ 2012-05-07

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