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KFC, a.k.a Korean Fried Chicken

Posted: 05/18/12

KFC, a.k.a Korean Fried Chicken

Restaurant: Home_of_Hot_Taste Markham

dre & Nelson @ Yonge & Glen Cameron: After seeing Nelson's Korean Fried Chicken experience in New York, and trying a place in Vancouver, we wanted to find somewhere in Toronto. After some Internet searching, I found this place just north of Steeles off of Yonge called Home of Hot Taste.

This place was really Korean, and the servers talked to us in Korean haha. We weren't really sure what to order, so we just looked at the pictures and descriptions to see what looked and sounded good.

The first dish that came out was the Blazing Fire Chicken with Korean Style Noodle. This dish should have came out last as it ruined the taste buds of all of us because it was so spicy. The sauce was really tasty, but it was really really spicy. I liked the noodles, but then, I always like noodles.

They also gave us some salad and radishes to calm down the heat.

The next 2 chicken dishes were wings, and as I look back at the pictures, I can't remember which one as which. We got Fried Chicken with Soy Garlic Sauce which was sweet, and honey-garlic-like, and the Crispy Spicy Chicken, which was not spicy at all. (Or our tongues were numbed by the first dish).

We were still not full, but not satisfied, but decided to get a whole Original Fried Chicken. We were pleased that it was chopped into pieces, and I liked this plain flavour the best.

Kitty was feeling a little sick, so she ordered a Boiled Rice Cake Soup with Oyster.

I can't say that this chicken was really good, and we're not sure if we would return.

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