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Girls Night Out at Sukho Thai

Posted: 05/14/12

Girls Night Out at Sukho Thai

Restaurant: Sukho_Thai Toronto

dre @ Dundas & Parliament: I met up with Denise, Narinder and Tiffany for dinner and this time we chose Sukho Thai. It was very far for everyone, but the trek was worth it!

We ordered some appetizers, and I got some shrimp chips, not knowing that it wasn't vegetarian friendly and one person didn't eat it. So between 2 people, there were a lot of chips. I ended up taking it home, and found out Mike also didn't like them, so I ate them all by myself :)

The spring rolls were not that super memorable, but they were tasty, and I enjoyed them.

Narinder ordered the SukhoThai Pad Thai. She got it spicy, and I tried a small bite and I cried.

Denise got the Gaeng Masaman - Masaman curry w/ peanuts, tamarind sauce and shallots.

Tiffany got the Gaeng Phed - Red curry w/ squash.

I ordered the Khao Soi - yellow noodles in curry gravy with chicken. It wasn't as good as I remembered. I think the flavours was slightly sweet and it threw me off. I got it medium spicy, so it was pretty spicy for me. Also, the oil kind of turned me off as well. I'm probably going to hesitate to ordering this again, but I feel like I should give it a third try.

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