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Popeyes' 8-Piece Special for $8.99

Posted: 05/08/12

Popeyes' 8-Piece Special for $8.99

Restaurant: Popeyes

dre: On a sunny day in March, Popeyes had a deal for 8 pieces of chicken for $8.99. I had planned my day around buying some delicious fried chicken on the way home from work! I even went to a different train station so that it would be closer to the Popeyes location. I expected a big line up and of course, I waited for 30 minutes through the crowd for my 8-piece dinner. Mike was going out for dinner that night, I was going to enjoy all 8 pieces to myself! I splurged and got a biscuit as well.

When I finally sat down to eat, I ate the biscuit and one piece, and I was full haha. The rest of the chicken lasted 2 days of lunches for Mike and me. I was very impressed that even when I microwaved it the next day, the skin was still crispy! I like Popeyes more than KFC.

P.S. I am never doing this again.


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  • You know you'll do it again! Too hard to resist
    Nelson @ 2012-05-09

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