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Union Social Eatery

Posted: 05/06/12

Union Social Eatery

Restaurant: Mississauga Union_Social_Eatery

dre @ Derry & Mississauga Rd: We came here for St. Patty's/Gerald's Birthday. It wasn't too busy for St. Patrick's day. They served green beer and gave us these stylish Guinness hats and pins. I felt very festive!

I took the pictures with my phone camera, so as the night went on, flash kicked in, so the quality wasn't as nice.

We started with some appetizers.

Ahi Tuna Poke - Ahi bluefin tuna, avocado, pineapple, Asian slaw, wonton crisps. I didn't get a chance to try this, but it looked good!

Crispy Calamari - Hand-dipped calamari and crispy jalapeños, with tzatziki and house-smoked tomato sauce. I preferred the tomato sauce over the tzatziki. The calamari was pretty good, but I think we were just hungry.

House Braised Short Rib Firecrackers - Pepperjack cheese,cream cheese, grilled Bermuda onions, cremini mushrooms, sweet chilli sauce. These were not what I expected, and although they looked good, I didn't like them as much because I found it too cheesy.

I had the U.F.O.(Union’s Fresh Original) Burger. The burger was pretty juicy and I had asked for mushrooms as well. Instead of fries, I got the Candy House Salad - Mixed greens, sugared walnuts, mango, black fig, roasted peppers, maple-pommery vinaigrette. This salad was delicious!

Mike had the Smokehouse Deluxe Burger - House smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, ancho BBQ sauce. His fries were pretty good.

Gerald for the Kobe Beef Bavette Steak with Truffled Fries - Fresh hand-cut fries, grana padano cheese, fresh thyme, rosemary, white truffle oil. I took a picture because of the truffled fries. I tried some, and they were too cheesy for my liking. I can smell the delicious truffle though!

Denise and I shared a Mango Green Tea Cheesecake - it was rather disappointing. There was neither much mango or green tea taste and the cheesecake texture was very soft and almost soggy.

Nice place, nice atmosphere. The prices aren't too bad either!

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