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Edmond & Selina's Wedding Appetizers

Posted: 05/03/12

Edmond & Selina's Wedding Appetizers

Restaurant: Food_Dudes Toronto

Nelson @ Andrew Richard Designs: There wasn't any formal sit down dinner, but to start there were waiters going around with platters of appetizers. They would get devoured as soon as they appeared though and it was tough getting a good shot.

Some of the selection includes beef or tortilla chip and salsa (the beef was extra tasty), crab croquettes (personally didn't like them as they were too flavourful), duck/lettuce with some sort of salsa, chicken skewers (extremely tender, I had more than one) and shrimp. All presented really nicely on large wooden boards.

The bride and groom had their own personal platter of appetizers and that's where I saw some meatball/pastry and pizza as well. I managed to get some pizza later that night and it was interesting, not your typical pizza, but not sure what made it unique.

Great variety and I was still hungry despite the candy. But next are the mains!


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