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Don Don Izakaya

Posted: 05/04/12

Don Don Izakaya

Restaurant: Don_Don_Izakaya

dre @ Dundas & Bay: We met up with some of Mike's Queens' friends at this place on Dundas. They greeted us yelling some Japanese phrases and banged this big gong. I liked the gong haha

We sat in a booth where we had to take off our shoes but it was cozy and fit all 8 of us. We ordered an assortment of things:

1) Black Croquette - inside was shrimp, code roe and mayonnaise around a breadcrumb crust

2) Karaage - fried chicken

3a) Hoppeta-Yaki - Chicken with potatoes and otafuku sauce

3b) Fried Mushroom with spicy sour sauce

4) Fwhat-fwhat pork - pork belly with ginger, cucumber, green onion, coriander, hoisin sauce in a bun

5) Skewer Set - pork and green onion, bacon wrapped asparagus, beef, bacon wrapped oyster mushroom and chicken

6) Pork Kimchi Udon - pork belly, kimchi, and seaweed

7) Potato Wedges - soggy fries

8) Tokyo Dog - Kimchi pork

9) Tokyo Dog - Teriyaki sausage

10) Chicken Pita - pita with chicken breast, pickles, teriyaki sauce, and rice puff

11) Black Sesame Ice Cream

I had a small taste of everything. While I like izakayas where you can try a whole bunch of items, you don't get too much of what it tastes like. I'm never sure when I'm full either. I think that's why most people come and get drinks at these places and the food just supplements that.

What's the ideal number of people to get a nice variety of dishes and actually taste the food?

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