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Edmond & Selina's Wedding Candy Buffet!

Posted: 05/01/12

Edmond & Selina's Wedding Candy Buffet!

Restaurant: Toronto

Nelson @ Andrew Richard Designs: I was looking forward to this wedding all year as it promised to be the most unique. And it did not disappoint. It was held at furniture store and had a circus theme. One of the first things that greeted the guests after the ceremony was a candy buffet! Crazy!

I wasn't able to get a wide shot of it as there were a lot of people crowding the table, but it was awesome. All the candy was colour coordinated to their wedding colours and there was so much variety. It included orange and purple whirly pops, island punch and sour orange jelly beans, orange and purple M&Ms, orange and purple chocolate malt balls, old fashioned candy sticks (again orange and purple), grape and peach and orange licorice, orange and grape sour candy, orange and purple gumballs, peach and cherry sour bits, orange and purple rock candy, orange and purple slices, and assorted candy. Wow!

The last picture shows a pair of the largest gummy bears I have ever seen. As it turned out, these two gummy bears were the wedding cake! Cool!

I really felt like a kid again and discovered that I had not lost my sweet tooth. My absolute favourite were the chocolate malt balls, but the sour candy was also good. What a great idea and what a great start to the night!


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  • wow, so creative!
    Mary @ 2012-05-04

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