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Alice Fazooli's near my house

Posted: 04/29/12

Alice Fazooli's near my house

Restaurant: Alice_Fazoolis Mississauga

Nelson @ Square One: Ok, last time here for a long while. Fresh bread with Olive Oil to start, tasting good as always.

Amy had the Fettuccini Di Mare, shrimp, scallops, mussels, roasted red peppers, spinach, scallions, tomato sauce. Scallops were not overcooked, and neither was any other seafood, which can be difficult to achieve, so that was pleasant.

Kitty had the Porcheeta sandwich, seasoned slow roasted pork by Mario Pingue, chilies, asiago, sauteed rapini. Kitty really enjoyed this sandwich, it was just a touch dry, but having the mustard on the side was the perfect complement and moistener. She had recently tried another porchetta sandwich downtown and wanted to relive a similar experience. Good flavour to this sandwich.

I had the chicken risotto Italian arborio rice portobello shiitake,oyster, and cremini mushrooms, tomato, white wine and gorgonzola, topped with grilled chicken. This dish was so flavourful and had a great variety of textures as well. The tomatoes gave a slightly different taste from what you expect from a risotto - fresh instead of earthy. The chicken was not even necessary in this dish and although seasoned really well it was a tad dry. The rice was cooked al dente, not too mushy and not too hard.

Three good dishes, I think I see why I keep coming back.

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