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The Keg

Posted: 04/27/12

The Keg

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill The_Keg

Nelson @ Hwy 7 & Leslie: I'm here to give Keg another try to see if I'll like it. The sourdough bread at he beginning is quite good so that's a nice start.

I ordered the Bleu Cheese Filet, their filet mignon wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and grilled, covered in a golden brown Bleu cheese crust and sprinkled with roasted garlic cloves. I had the loaded baked potato to go with it. I ordered rare, and the cut of meat was good, but this one was perhaps a little too much on the raw side (see the last picture). I'm surprised to hear myself say that. The blue cheese topping was way way too salty for my liking, but I should have expected that. I had one roasted garlic clove on top and wished there were more.

Kitty had the Crab Mushroom Sirloin, asparagus spears and crabmeat on a grilled sirloin steak ladled with cremini mushrooms in a smooth Jack Daniel's sauce. The sirloin meat was tendony and not very good and someone else at your table ordered the same thing and got an even worse piece. The waitress actually recommend that we avoid the sirloins, maybe I'll take her advice next time. The crab topping had a lot of cartilage, so it's good that it's real, but the least they could have done is separate it properly. The twice baked potato looked cool and was buttery too.

Overall, still not a big fan of The Keg. For a steakhouse, I feel their quality of steak is on the lower end, but I suppose their prices aren't as high at the same time. I have to try remember to try something at medium rare next time.

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