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Dragonboat's Peking Duck

Posted: 04/23/12

Dragonboat's Peking Duck

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: I wanted some slightly upscale Chinese food to celebrate my Mom's birthday, so I went with what I knew - Dragon Boat.

The snacks of seaweed and cashews are always welcome especially if you just need a bit of food to hold you over. The daily soup came with a ridiculous amount of meat and appropriately the soup itself was very flavourful in a meaty way.

We had the Peking Duck and with four people everyone got several pieces. I also knew the (fake) bird's nest was really good, so we had that as well. I like the detail where they cut the squid finely so that it comes out looking spikey instead of just a flat piece. I suppose that's why this restaurant is slightly more expensive, but these details are appreciated.

We had the sweet vinegar (sweet sour perhaps) pork ribs, and they make a really good one here with plenty of thick honey to act as the sweet part. The sauce sticks to the meat and isnt' excessive or bright red. The pork is fried and cooked perfectly making this a wonderful dish.

The second course of Peking duck is made well here and came with the lettuce wraps which aren't pictured here. To finish the meal we all had a bowl of red bean soup dessert, which I enjoy.

Still a great place for classic Chinese food, with better presentation without sacrificing taste.

(PS I figured out how to adjust my white balance properly during this meal)

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