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Coldstone Creamery $2 Love it

Posted: 04/21/12

Coldstone Creamery $2 Love it

Restaurant: Coldstone_Creamery

Nelson: Coldstone is running a promotion for Love It size ice cream for $2. Turns out it's not that good a deal, maybe save about a dollar depending on what you get, but still I had to partake. I tried it twice.

First time I tried the Cookie Dough flavour Blast, which is a premixed flavour. I didn't realize it as they just scooped it out the freezer directly into the cup and not mix it up on the cold stone. It was ok.

Second time I tried the peanut butter chocolate flavour. They took a peanut butter cup, broke it up and put it on top. The actual ice cream tasted like a Wendy's Frosty with a bit of peanut butter. I thought it was too sweet. Kitty went for a better deal, an ice cream flavour plus 1 mix in. See picked a premixed Blast flavour, so probably got a bonus. She picked the Oreo + strawberry. It tasted like a McFlurry, and didn't taste that good.

Overall, a little disappointed with their ice cream. But anyway, deal ends Sunday, get it before it's gone!

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  • Nuts, I missed the deal. Too cold for ice cream though....
    dre @ 2012-04-23
  • yeah I think I like marble slab better, but it is more expensive :(
    Mary @ 2012-04-23

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