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St. George's Golf and Country Wedding Mains and Late Night

Posted: 04/19/12

St. George's Golf and Country Wedding Mains and Late Night

Restaurant: St_Georges Toronto

Nelson @ St. George's: Pretzel in a dinner roll size is awesome! I happen to like soft pretzels, so this was a nice surprise. Kitty got one of her favourites in butternut squash soup with pine nuts.

There was a choice of mains, and I got the prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. Unfortunately the Prime rib was a little too well done to my liking, but at least it was tender. I was nervous about making my speech anyway, so I didn't eat much of it.

The dessert was an apple tart with ice cream that I inhaled.

Later that night, a selection of midnight snacks including some awesome chicken fingers, crispy chicken wings and breaded onion rings. All very oily and greasy, but perfect for that time of night. And they nicely had a nice selection of fruits to balance it out.

Lastly is the wedding cake, and although the first shot is of the tall and many layered insides, the last shot is of the outside. Unfortunately I didn't have time to come around and snap a picture of it with the wedding topper, but at least you can see the nice flower arrangement on the cake.

A fun wedding and a thrill to see Tim and Irene married!


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