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Meeting Up With Foodology

Posted: 04/20/12

Meeting Up With Foodology

Restaurant: Nuba Vancouver

dre @ West Hastings & Cambie: I met up with a Vancouver food blogger, Foodology, who took me to eat at Nuba, a Lebanese restaurant. I was lucky that I got a hold of her and she happened to be working downtown that day and also free, so I got to meet a new blogger. Actually, this is the first time I went on a "blind date" with a fellow food blogger. I'm pretty sure people in Toronto do it all the time, but I don't have time for that here! At least I was on a business trip, so I had tons of down time.

Anyway, Nuba was located at the edge of Gastown, and it was really busy. On a Thursday night, there was still quite a wait. Foodology suggested sharing La Feast, which included a first platter of hummus (left), taboulleh (front centre), baba ghanooj (right), and some homemade pickles (pink). Until now I didn't know baba ghanooj was eggplant. While I don't really like eggplant on its own, this was really delicious! The taboulleh was my favourite though.

Just when I thought that was it, a second platter came out filled with fattoush salad (right bottom), najib's special (roasted cauliflower - back right next to the falafels), falafel, vegan stew (front left), mjadra (lentils and rice - front left), avocado, Macedonian feta, pickles, and olives. It came with some dips too - but I can't recall what they are at the moment. I think one was yogurt, one was tzatziki, and I think the green one was a spicy sauce.

My favourite was the najib's special, which is roasted cauliflower in lemon juice. It was crunchy and like it was deep-fried....so good! :) The salad was pretty cool too because it was some crunchy bread (the fattoush) in the salad. Between all the pieces of pita bread, I was pretty full after this vegetarian meal.

Thanks, Foodology, for the company that night!

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