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So Much Ice Cream!

Posted: 04/22/12

So Much Ice Cream!

Restaurant: Bella_Gellateria La_Casa_Gelato Vancouver

dre in Vancouver: My coworkers and I went to a gelato place where they had over 200 flavours to choose from! There were some weird ones like curry and wasabi. We spent a good 30 minutes here trying a bunch of flavours before deciding what to get. It was funny, because I kept saying I'm going to get a flavour that I can't get from a supermarket, but I ended up getting boring ol' pistachio. I figured, I'd probably never buy it from the supermarket haha.

La Casa Gelato on Urbanspoon

On another day, (the same night as Nuba), Foodology and I went to Bella Gellateria to get dessert. I got a yogurty flavour and she got london fog (which was like Earl Grey). These ones were much more expensive, but still very tasty!

Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon


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