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Desserts Out West

Posted: 04/18/12

Desserts Out West

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dre in Vancouver: Of course, what is a trip without loads of desserts! The first night that I arrived, after dinner, Lewis and I walked down the street to True Confections, a cafe. I got the cheesecake with blueberry sauce. It was quite heavy, but still good. Lewis got the Mud cake, which sounded good on the menu, but came out kind of disappointing as it was dry.

True Confections (Denman) on Urbanspoon

During one of my team meetings, someone brought in cupcakes from Cupcakes! I remember this place from last time I was here, and this time I tried the cupcake with the small piece of Reese Peanut Butter Cup on top. The cake part was marble, so part vanilla and chocolate. It was very sweet and I avoided most of the peanut butter icing.

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I went with Eric and Becky to Capstone, a fondue place. We shared the chocolate fondue plate for 2, which had a lot of items for just two people. In the middle are ice cream balls, and those were my favourite to dip into the chocolate. There were fruit included - strawberry, pineapple, apples, grapes (chocolate doesn't stay too well on grapes), and bananas. There were cakes and shortbread cookies as well. On the sides were graham cracker and almond slivers to dip in after the chocolate. We played a game to see how many almond pieces you can get onto your item as they did not stick very well. I think someone got 5 pieces on a piece of cake. I thought it was pretty expensive for what it was. This platter costed $22.95.

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During another team meeting, another coworker brought in cream puffs from Beard Papas. I'm not much of a cream puff fan, but since these were the smaller ones, and they sounded famous, I thought I'd try one. I wasn't disappointed. It was pretty tasty.

Beard Papa's (Robson Street) on Urbanspoon

On the last day we were here, another coworker brought in some cookies from a bakery near her house. You can tell that my team really likes to eat... especially during meetings.

I tried out Coldstone Creamey at a Tim Hortons in Metrotown. I got French Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough. Pretty boring, but it was good!


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