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W Burger Bar

Posted: 04/09/12

W Burger Bar

Restaurant: Toronto W_Burger_Bar

Nelson @ Yonge & College: After picking Kitty up late after work, this looked like a good place for a quick bite. As we were hungry we were pleasantly surprised to receive an appetizer of carrot sticks. Totally unexpected for a burger joint!

I tried the Beef - "The Pure Burger" - organic, fresh from the farm ground beef. They have a very large menu of sauces and toppings, but I stuck with more traditional toppings including one of my favourites, sauteed onions. They have items as exotic as beets, cranberries, salsa, plum sauce, horseradish, mint sauce, cilantro yogurt. For a little extra you can even get portobello mushroom, egg or avocado. The burger itself was juicy and thick and pretty good. Still not as good as Shake Shack, currently my favourite burger.

We had a side of Panko breaded onion rings, and these were humongous with a ton of batter and deep fried well. I thought they were really good and if I am ever back will definitely order these again.

We weren't quite full yet, so we ordered some loaded potato skins, handcrafted potato skins with Canadian cheddar, bacon, red onions and a side of sour cream. Quite heavy and really filled me up, but they were tasty. Although guessing how many calories they were, probably not worth it.

Overall, I would come back, but I wouldn't seek this place out as nothing was extraordinary.

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