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Pizza Pizza Pizza

Posted: 04/07/12

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Restaurant: McMullens Pizzaiolo Toronto

Nelson: You can't avoid pizza, so here's a variety.

The first is from a bar in Waterloo that I somehow never been to, McMullan's. To go with our plentiful drinks, we had the regular 17" Hawaiian pizza and it was a bit doughy, but at least had a lot of toppings. I had a bit of the nachos too, but they were only ok.

McMullan's on Urbanspoon

This second pizza is from an increasingly popular chain in Toronto called Pizzaiolo. This is the Capone, chicken breat, roasted red peppers, fresh mushrooms, parmigiano, mozzarella and pesto sauce. Quite tasty actually and I quite enjoyed it. It helped me hold my liquor for another heavy night of drinking. (I see a pattern emerging)

Pizzaiolo on Urbanspoon

Lastly is a Dr. Oetker frozen pizza, which was lacking in the cheese department and not that good. I wasn't drinking this time, only lazy :)


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