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Tarta de Santiago

Posted: 04/05/12

Tarta de Santiago

Restaurant: Pimenton Toronto

Nelson @ Pimenton: I won a free cake! Jose, the nice owner of Pimenton a Spanish/Mediterranean Fine Food store, ran a contest that I entered and won! The cake was just coming out of the oven when I arrived Saturday afternoon, so it was perfect timing. I got a chance to peruse the beautiful store as Jose dusted the cake with powdered sugar.

A Santiago Cake (St. James) is a traditional Spanish cake made of almond, sugar, eggs and surprisingly there is no flour! You can taste the almonds and overall it's not too sweet with a great texture. It almost tastes like the filling of a Chinese almond paste bun, but a whole cake of it. It was the first I've heard of this cake, and I really enjoyed it eating this fresh right out of the oven.

Thanks so much for the cake Jose and Mary for running the contest!

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