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Korean Fried Chicken

Posted: 04/16/12

Korean Fried Chicken

Restaurant: Vancouver Zabu

dre @ Robson & Cardero: I really wanted to try Korean fried chicken, but the only place I saw was too far from the office. So I decided to get a bunch of coworkers together and get it delivered! Good thing my coworker is Korean so he ordered for us.

We got a small order of spicy hot drumsticks, a large order of original soy drumsticks, and a large soy sal-sal (rice) chicken, which was honey garlic-like.

We all really liked the spicy chicken and wished we got a larger order of that. The original soy flavour was also very good. The sal-sal version was too sweet and too saucy, so we weren't that big of a fan of those. I wonder if they come crunchier when out fresh. These were a bit soggy probably due to them being delivered.


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