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Can I Call Chicken Wings Comfort Food?

Posted: 04/14/12

Can I Call Chicken Wings Comfort Food?

Restaurant: Phnom_Penh Vancouver

dre in Chinatown Vancouver: I definitely wanted to come here again, so I mentioned it to my manager, knowing that she would be game. We got a bunch of people from work out for dinner and for many, it was their first time there. For some, it was their first time eating authentic Asian food... haha

There was a huge line up, so we had to split our group into 2 tables of 4 in order to be seated faster. Our table ordered the fried chicken wings, of course. So delicious... how do they do it??

We had sweet and sour soup with fish, and this was surprisingly very tasty. I was expecting this thick soup, and it turned out to be something that my mom might make for me when I'm sick.

We got the beef luc lac, which is my absolute favourite (very close to the chicken wings). It's so good when the beef and egg is mixed into the rice.

The meal ended off with two kinds of noodles with meat and seafood, as well this time we got some vegetables to balance out the meal.

I love this place!

Phnom Penh ้‡‘้‚Šๅฐ้คจ on Urbanspoon


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