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Fancy Team Lunch

Posted: 04/12/12

Fancy Team Lunch

Restaurant: Vancouver YEW_Restaurant

dre @ Georgia & Howe: We had a team lunch at YEW Restaurant, which is located in the Four Seasons. It was really fancy and chic inside. The garlic biscuits that they served us were really tasty, and I tried not to eat too many so that I wouldn't fill myself up before my soup came.

I ordered a Chowder - Creamy Smoked Black Cod, Golden Potatoes, Fennel, Corn & Local Apples. I got this mostly because I wanted to eat as much seafood as possible while I was on the west coast. The soup was really really thick and really salty. I was almost full and I didn't finish my soup (but ate all the fish!).

For my main, I ordered the special, a crab cake sandwich. Actually, I split half with my manager and she gave me half of her Lobster BLT. The crab cake sandwich was really good and it was the biggest crab cake I've ever had.

The Lobster BLT was a big disappointment though. It was sauceless and the lobster was rubbery and gross. It actually turned my meal into a sour experience, and did not make up for the good crab cake sandwich and biscuits.

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