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On the Go Breakfasts

Posted: 04/10/12

On the Go Breakfasts

Restaurant: Blendz Caffe_Artigiano JJ_Bean Tim_Hortons Vancouver

dre in downtown Vancouver: The great thing about where I was staying and the office is that it is in the heart of downtown Vancouver. There was an abundance of coffee shops around and I tried to choose something different every morning. The first morning I had JJ Bean coffee with a fruity vegan muffin. I wasn't a fan of the vegan muffin. It was kind of soggy. This JJ Bean location is cool as it is located in its own stand outside of any other building. If it wasn't raining all the time, it would be a nice area to hang out and have coffee with friends.

JJ Bean (CBC Plaza) on Urbanspoon

The next day, I brought my coworker to Caffe Artigiano where we both got a tea, a bagel, and a chocolate croissant as a snack for later. I like how they give you these huge tea bags to steep the tea. The patries were good, but this place was more expensive.

Caffè Artigiano (Hornby) on Urbanspoon

One morning we were running late, so we just went to Tim Hortons, which was next to our hotel. I tried their white hot chocolate, which was way too sweet. I enjoyed their berry bagel though. Vancouver Tim Horton's has sleeves they give you instead of double cupping in Ontario.

Tim Hortons (Robson & Richards) on Urbanspoon

Finally, we made our way to Blenz. This was at the end of the week, and I was feeling a little sick of sweet pastries so I got a chicken samosa for breakfast haha. A coworker told me to try their hot chocolate because they actually make it from chocolate shavings and it tastes really fresh, but I didn't get a chance to try it.

Blenz Coffee (Seymour Street) on Urbanspoon


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