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African Cuisine

Posted: 04/08/12

African Cuisine

Restaurant: Simbas_Grill Vancouver

dre @ Robson & Denman: I met up with Eric and Becky for dinner and we decided to go to Simba's Grill, only because in the span of the 3 days that I was in Vancouver so far, 3 different people had suggested that place, so when I suggested it, they were game! I had no idea what African cuisine entailed, and as we looked through the menu, we were not sure what to get. Fortunately, the owner of the restaurant came by and asked if we needed help with the menu, to which I answered, "Yes, what should we order???"

He suggested trying something grilled and also some curries, so he suggested the "Mchaguzi wa Chef" (Chef Simba's special for 2), which consisted of beef skewers, lamb, grilled chicken, and shrimp skewers. Underneath all the meat was salad and biryani rice. It was so delicious! The lamb wasn't gamey, and the chicken and beef were full of flavour. The owner also brought out some sauces for us to try out. Some of them were really really spicy.

He brought out a spinach curry, which we didn't order, but he wanted us to try it out. Either it was normally complimentary to customers or he gave it to us on the house, what a nice guy! It was okay, but when the chicken curry came out, we were all over that.

The chicken curry was called "Chicken Surwa" (chicken breast cooked in cream curry). It was similar to butter chicken, and we ate it with naan.

It was a very enjoyable meal and the three of us were stuffed.

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  • how much was that platter? It looks good. Doesn't look african though, looks more middle eastern and Indian...
    Nelson @ 2012-04-13
  • I wonder if African food is dependent on the region (well obviously), because I was surprised at the curries too, as it seemed very Indian. I'm also assuming they grill a lot because they have a bunch of exotic animals there, but I didn't see any zebras or giraffes on the menu ;)

    This platter was $40-50? I can't remember.
    dre @ 2012-04-23

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