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Ramen in Vancouver

Posted: 04/06/12

Ramen in Vancouver

Restaurant: Benkei Santouka Vancouver

dre @ Robson & Denman: Upon arriving in Vancouver, I wanted to eat ramen noodles. Lewis and I went to Santouka, where I ordered the Shio (salt flavoured) Ramen (left) and he got the Miso (soybean flavoured) Ramen. My soup was more flavourful, because when I tasted Lewis' it was more bland. We also got some gyoza dumplings and those put us over the top and we were nice and full.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 山頭火 on Urbanspoon

The next night, I ventured by myself to the same area and tried out Benkei Ramen. I ordered a combo which included a small beef curry rice (because the menu kept saying that they are known for it), gyoza (to compare with the night before), and the Spicy Akaoni ramen, which is their miso ramen with spices and garlic oil. It was pretty good as well. I ate all the soup noodles and couldn't finish the gyoza and rice, so I saved that for lunch the next day.

Benkei Ramen (Robson) on Urbanspoon


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