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Gal's Sushi & Turkish Delight

Posted: 04/03/12

Gal's Sushi & Turkish Delight

Restaurant: Gals_Sushi Markham

Nelson @ Markham: Judging from the lineups this place is really popular, so we opted for takeout. This tray include sushi and rolls with a great variety because it included octopus, shrimp in addition to the regular fish, clam, eels. Some pieces of salmon had skin and there were the pieces of yellow egg that I had only seen previously in Taiwan. Even the rolls were interesting with lettuce, red roe, cheese, mayo all contributing as ingredients here and there. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the yellow roe wrapped in some seafood container. It was similar to the pieces next to it, but the outside was chewier. Never seen that before. The fish was fresh, everything was well prepared and they had a welcome creative twist so I would definitely come back here.

My parents brought back some Turkish Delight (Smyrna brand) from Turkey. I always wanted to try it considering it was so heavily featured in the Narnia books. But it turns out that it isn't amazing or anything, but still tastes decent.

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