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Sakura Island

Posted: 04/01/12

Sakura Island

Restaurant: Sakura_Island Waterloo

Nelson: I had a really, really strong craving for Bi Bim Bap, but since I was in Waterloo I didn't know where I could get one. Waterloo has a lot of viet restaurants, but not so many Koreans ones. I ended up choosing a Japanese restaurant that was opened by Korean people and fortunately they had one on the menu.

The apps included typical Japanese ones, like the miso soup and salad, but also had some glass noodles in a Korean style. Since there was only one choice, the Bi Bim Bap was described as assorted vegetables, beef and rice topped egg in a hot stone bowl. It was very nice to look at and while it did hit the spot, it curiously had iceberg lettuce and really large pieces of red pepper and no daikon or bean sprouts. The beef was a small portion of bulgogi. So although not exactly a proper Bi Bim Bap, I had to make do while I was in Waterloo and it was good enough to satisfy my craving.

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  • There's a Korean place in University plaza, next to China Legend.

    The one in the same plaza as China Fried Rice is probably the best Korean food in KW.

    I wonder if the Korean place in the Quiznos plaza by Laurier is still in business...
    Mugs @ 2012-04-02
  • The one at Laurier closed down, I tried to go there first, but then ended up Sakura Island instead. I don't remember the one beside China Legend, I thought Mikey's is next to it on one side and Home Garden on the other.
    Where is China Fried Rice? In the Burger King plaza?
    Nelson @ 2012-04-03
  • Ah, sad. The Laurier one had some of my first introduction to Korean food.

    Not right next to China Legend, just along that side.

    China Fried Rice is the chinese place in downtown Kitchener across from the Chinese supermarket
    Mugs @ 2012-04-05

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