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Deep Fried Banana Vegan Stylz

Posted: 03/11/07

Deep Fried Banana Vegan Stylz

Restaurant: Toronto Vegetarian_Haven

dre: we tried out this vegan restaurant on Baldwin. No meat (obviously), no dairy, just lots and lots of tofu. Even the ice cream was called "tofutti" - EVERYTHING was made of soy.


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  • Was it any good? It doesn't look that appetizing...
    Nelson @ 2007-03-12
  • The tofutti ice cream was good... the bananas were meh... the chocolate cake and cheesecake (all made of soy) were interesting too. The meal itself, was kinda bland, although i was very impressed on how huge the menu was and how many things they can do with tofu!
    dre @ 2007-03-12

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