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Matt & Susan's Wedding

Posted: 03/28/12

Matt & Susan's Wedding

Restaurant: Canoe Toronto

Nelson @ Canoe: Yet another amazing view, this time from the top of skyscraper restaurant Canoe looking down onto the Toronto Islands.

To start are some apps including these amazing sliders that I had to wait on as they kept getting eaten so quickly. I finally nabbed some on the last tray and it was worth the wait. There were also some tarts filled with mushrooms and topped with cheese, some smoked salmon wrapped in a breadstick (neat idea, but the salmon doesn't stay on the stick making it difficult to eat), and some viet cold rolls with some non-traditonal filling (not sure what it was exactly).

The bread service was good with fresh baked stout bread and the meal started with local field greens, crisp & pickled cookstown roots and maple mustard dressing. I tad salty for my liking as I think they sprinkled salt on top or washed the vegetables in salt water.

Kitty tried the broiled west coast Halibut with mustard greens, wild rice and Northern Woods Mushrooms. The fish was so firm it was like eating a steak. The rice had a very earthy taste to it and was also good.

I had the Grilled Wellington County Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom carrots & Kennebec Potato Croquette. And when it was ordered the waiter asked how I would like it done! Never seen that at a wedding before. When my rare piece came out, it was cooked perfectly rare and was the most delicious piece of beef I've had at a wedding. It felt like I was at a restaurant for a private meal at a nice restaurant and not like I was being served some mass manufactured meal where everything was cooked to medium because it was sitting under heat lamps too long. The croquette was crunchy and interesting and the carrots were yellow instead of orange. Overall an expertly cooked and prepared tenderloin.

The dessert was a milk chocolate mousse with creamy caramel and creme anglaise. For some reason they sprinkled a lot of salt on top, so much so that I had to eat around it. If it didn't have the salt it would have been good. The wedding cake was topped with Harry Potter Lego figures, that surprisingly looked like the Bride and Groom. Later in the night we tried a piece, which was also served with some fried that really hit the spot.

Still can't believe the quality of beef served at this meal, I was impressed.

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  • one day... i will get my chance to eat at Canoe!
    dre @ 2012-03-29

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